Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Jean, I'm back in town and have updated NP with most recent essay and grammatically-correct edit. I just sent you a big email to ivoices detailing latest efforts; have you got it, or are they having problems with receipt? In the interim, please note to ONLY use Yahoo! email address; I am receiving mail there fine when I am in town. Also, ZIP attachment and 3-part email effort have not come thru intact. File says it is corrupt. Can you recompress and post to your Yahoo! group in the file section or send as an attachment to my kbuddy address or FTP to NP account?

Keep it real, avoid the steel, and enjoy a good meal now that we're all at the start of the two-trizzy... -miguel

Monday, December 30, 2002

Miguel can you switch the front of NP to "A Portrait of a Day..." and switch Miserable... to the clean version?
Support team an action is being planned for new years eve here so watch for it on the tele. For those of you trying to reach me by phone keep trying. I'm still at the Al-Fanar, RM 408. Happy New Years and will somebody please stop this march to war.